Who We Are

Hanhwa is comprised of a team of committed individuals, dedicated to creating state of the art automotive and consumer electronics solutions for suppliers and developers. With a passion for innovation and driver welfare, we aim to create safer roads through our products of excellence.

What We Do

Solution Design (R&D)

Our highly qualified and innovative team work very closely with our clients to identify the specific problem that they are experiencing. We then create a custom design and manufacturing solution that can help them achieve their objectives.

Technical Support & Service

Our expert technical support and service department will manage warranty, repairs and customer service for our clients to ensure satisfaction.

Warehousing & Distribution

With extensive experience in local and international logistics, our state of the art management systems and facilities ensure our customers get what they need when they need it.

Our Services


Hanhwa offers a range of products through its affiliated accessories company, Leemen, which includes headphones, speakers, cameras, recordable media, mobile accessories across a range of price points and consumer tastes.


We can provide Telematics that will enable you to gather data from driver behaviours and engine diagnostics to instant visibility into vehicle locations.



With our long company history in OEM manufacturing, we can confidently claim that we can meet all client requirements.

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