Our Philosophy

Our History

Since it’s conception in 1998, Hanhwa Hightech Co.Ltd has become one of the leading names in automotive electronics manufacturing, the world over. With chief headquarters in Korea and additional bodies in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Hanhwa has been able to partner with high profile international entities including Isuzu, Toyota, Hino and more, importing to the aforementioned locations as well as the EU and the Gulf.


Our Philosophy

Hanhwa’s chief ambition is to provide innovative and reliable products in response to emerging demands as they present themselves. We aim to stand at the forefront of change, priding ourselves on our commitment to customer service and the excellence of our products. Our core values also extend beyond exceeding stakeholder objectives, with an additional focus on improving the quality of life of road users, mitigating any area for hazards to occur as well as providing peace of mind to individuals who use our products.


Our Future

With our core values of integrity and trust in place, Hanhwa aims to become Australia’s leading automotive and consumer electronics solutions supplier and developer, through our tireless commitment to quality, performance and service which act as the driving force to our success. With a focus on people and not merely products, we believe this goal is well on its way to being achieved.