Consumer Electronics


Hanhwa offers a range of products through its affiliated accessories company, Leemen, which includes headphones, speakers, cameras, recordable media, mobile accessories across a range of price points and consumer tastes.




With our long company history in OEM manufacturing, we can confidently claim that we can meet all client requirements. We are a complete end to end service in providing solutions that are derived from developing a complete product “concept to delivery” and are committed to taking care of customer needs during and long after supply.


We utilise state of the art technology and are constantly pushing the envelope in our field.


We are always on the lookout for the future of in-vehicle electronics and emerging technologies. As technologies or new features become available, we incorporate them into existing and future projects.




We can provide Telematics through a third-party provider that will enable you to gather data from driver behaviours and engine diagnostics to instant visibility into vehicle locations. This information is critical in our view, to providing information a business can use to bring better products to market and drive customer satisfaction. Telematics can provide our clients with the following capabilities:


SAFETY: Auto Collision Notification, Roadside Assistance, Vehicle tracking


DIAGNOSTICS: Auto maintenance reminder, recall notifications, remote emissions monitoring


NAVIGATION: Location based traffic, destination downloads, Satellite Navigation


INFOTAINMENT: DAB Radio, Entertainment Apps, Location-based content